Why Are Recorded Video Lectures of NIMCET 2022 Are The Best?

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Why Are Recorded Video Lectures of NIMCET 2022 Are The Best?

Recorded Video Lectures of NIMCET

Cracking NIMCET 2022 might be your dream,but the road map towards your goal is tricky. This year NIT Raipur is conducting the MCA exams. And if you are preparing at your home, feeling scared and confused is not unusual. We know what we have been preparing for and you put your hundred percent toward your dream but you are still not sure if you have done enough. Even the experienced ones need routine lectures to crack NIMCET 2022. And if you are already involved in a job or other studies, taking a full time class is not worth your time. The high-rankers often opt for Recorded Video Lectures of NIMCET for  maximum efficiency. And it also makes sense to do that. But before understanding why, you must understand what exactly you are dealing with. 

Brief about the exam pattern

Recorded Video Lectures of NIMCET

Basically deals with 60 topics roughly as a whole. The main subject that needs to be covered are four which are divided on the basis of number of questions and marks. Mathematics is the most marks carrying subject comprising 50 questions of 600 marks in total followed by analytical ability and logical reasoning with 40 questions of 240 marks. Computer awareness and general English comprises 10 and 20 questions of 80 and 80 marks respectively.

The marking scheme of NIMCET 2022 is pretty simple. The total mark is 1000 and with each correct answer of Maths, 12 marks, Computers have 8 Marks each, Reasoning has 6 Marks each, and +4 for Computers are carried forward. There is no harm any foul if you are not attempting any question but if the question is incorrect it carries a negative one-fourth mark. 

Why do we need a mentor for NIMCET 2022?

Undoubtedly practice is the key for qualifying an entrance exam like this, but making sure that your energy is channelized towards the right path is also imperative. A good teacher or mentor can help you find the proper pathway and study material on which you can build your practice sessions.

Why are recorded sessions preferred for cracking the exam?

Recorded sessions can be helpful in one way or the other. Every time you have a doubt you can just go back. There are many reasons why recorded classes can change your life. Think about it last time you wanted to understand something where did you head-out to? The first answer would definitely be YouTube as it is the most accessible platform we all have right. But have you thought why?

A recorded session or tutorial like that gives you the ability to control many things whatsoever and have many benefits of its own.

You can always rewind

How often have you sat down for a class just and thought if the pace is too fast or too slow? This is one of the generic problems students face. Classroom has a diversity of students. It is not necessary that everyone would be of the same League. But it’s a. fact that most of the students do feel left out or space out in between the class as they couldn’t follow up with the speed of the teacher. This creates a void in their knowledge and concept which is directly depicted in their mark sheets. But a recorded class gives you the ability to rewind anytime and clear out the troubles one is facing.

Allows flexibility

Online learning gives a significant boost to non-traditional students who need the flexibility to work a day and take care of their families while also studying and improving to graduate or train in their fields. Yet still some students and instructors are reluctant to feel that distance learning is the biggest downside for taking online courses, citing the lack of personal interaction provided by face-toff teaching.

Creates opportunities

Some of the things I enjoy most about online lessons is that I interact with people from all over the globe — this is the magic of e Learning! You will learn as much as foreign students in your online classes, because you get to see the content from an entirely different viewpoint. 

Save resources

Recorded lectures can also enhance students ‘ learning experience in live face-to-face lessons. 

There are no two students who learn at or at the same pace. Creating videos at home allows every student to discuss their own styles of learning: 

  • Auditorium students will listen to the video later in class without taking notes. 
  • Visual students are also delighted to see the diapositives and board notes to help understand them. 
  • Kinesis students can watch your video or even study on the treadmill in their own homes as much as they want.

And you cannot go away without mentioning the fact that it saves so much resources, financially as well as potential energy. 

Students may have trouble taking notes 

When a student is unable to hear a lecture, process knowledge, and remember at the same time it is difficult for them to understand. An audio and visual recording for a lecture provides students who can repeat them as much as they like. You can easily find and play every part of your lecture. This also ensures that the lecture is stored electronically, so that it is not a concern when handwritten notes are lost. 

You can interrupt the lecture at any time to make a note when the lecturer goes too fast – or when the lecturer talks slowly, speed up recording. Hearing a second lecture helps me to gather the notes and remove the portion which is unnecessary.

Rewind the memory map

This is helpful for students to be able to review or catch up on lectures and move quickly to the content they are searching for during intense study times. With the click of a button you can refer to freshen up your memory and reboot yourself for new information.

There are trillions of reasons why you should go for NIMCET video recorded lectures but the question remains from where?

We have more than 450 plus recorded video lectures of all the subjects of mathematics, quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning, computer and English. You would find each of the topics explained in an in-depth manner to develop a solid Foundation for attempting the exam. The tutorial we provide not only would help you clear your MCA entrance exam but would also prepare you for further exams like

  • BHU
  • JNU
  • BITS Mesra
  • JMI
  • VIT

This video lectures also takes care of all other state board MCA entrance examinations.

Why choose us?

There is not much saying to the fact that this exam is the building point of your career and that you need to make an informed decision about the mentor and course tutorial you choose when you are appearing at the foundation of your career. Every step You take here defines your future. So if you have to believe why should you believe us and we are more than happy to answer the question.

We can present your several reasons why we are the best at what we do. 

  • First started our faculties have experience of training the MCA students for more than 17 years. Having such huge experience does count as achievement and also states that we know most of the tips and tricks of the examination and are professionals at what we do. All our securities are qualified to their utmost level in their subject and trained thousands of students to reach their MCA goal
  • Such huge experience also gives us the Liberty to say that we have seen how the paper has changed throughout the decade and can set the perfect visualization of forecasting.
  • Our teaching methods have helped thousands of students to carefully get through with the examination and reach towards their ultimate goal. We have seen success through our teaching method throughout the decade and so we believe that we can help many more aspirants to fulfill their dreams.

This was about our faculties but the main cut throat comes down to the content we provide you. Also we have a blog where we share many tips and tricks.

Some Facts About Our Recorded Video Lectures of NIMCET

  • The content is segregated and compiled in terms of constant analysis of the past 10 years of the nimcet syllabus and other MCA Level Examinations. We cover all the portions that need to be taken care of while preparing the study material.
  • We believe that recorded sessions are the ultimate compilation of syllabus and nothing can be asked apart from our mentioned contents.
  • Starting from A concise content it increases the probability of getting selected in the exam.
  • We provide more than 15000 minutes of video lectures which covers the entire syllabus.
  • You would find instructions based on every lecture before you start with a particular topic or chapter.
  • We provide a detailed analysis and the perfect initiative towards how to complete a specific topic and how much time to spend on a specific topic.
  • Along with that we also provide a roadmap on when is the appropriate time to give an online exam.
  • We create the perfect time chart for the benefit of every student.
  • After every live class we provide alternate day online tests which would help the student stay in the zone of studying. Along with that we also provide one weekly test based on the topics completed throughout the week.
  • In total we provide 240 online tests and our materials are in ebook format which can be downloaded from our INPS App or INPS website.

Study material content

Our study material is divided into a few specific for the better understanding of the student.

  • Theory related to each Topic with crystal clear explanation.
  • Objective Assignment of Complete Topic.
  • 20 Questions Assignment Subtopic-wise for an in-depth understanding of the topic.
  •  NIMCET Previous Years Question Bank of Every Single Topic.
  • Memory Map of Each Topic.
  • Short Notes of Each Topic.
  • Summary of Each Topic.

At the end of each Topic you will be given Video Solutions of NIMCET Previous Years Questions. This will help you get an idea of the types of questions which form part of the exam.

  • Short Trick Videos: 

Along with Video Lectures of each subtopic under a topic we are providing you Video Lectures Of Short Tricks of that Topic at the end from which you can understand how we can solve Objective questions in a few seconds during the NIMCET Examination.

  • Advanced Online Testing Platform: 

For the students who are enrolled for Our Live Classes, we are Introducing an advanced Online Testing Platform which will give you detailed analysis of your performance during Online Mock Tests.                          

These are some types of Analysis we provide after Submission of Online Tests:  

  • Overall Analysis
  • Subject-wise Analysis
  • Topic wise Analysis                                                                                

Analysis will be based on comparison with each and every student who appears in the online test.

Test packages

We provide two types of test packages

  • Online Test Packages
  • Weekly Test Series

NOTE: These tests can be attempted only on a given date and given time which is decided by INPS Classes according to your time of Admission. This is a weekly online test and will be scheduled on Sundays at the same time of NIMCET Examination i.e. 10:00 AM to 12:00PM.

After each test you will be provided with advanced analysis of your performance among all the INPS Students.

  • Practice Test Series: These tests are conducted Subtopic-wise (Under a Topic).

In every week Three Practice online tests will be given which can be attempted any time after completion of a subtopic. Maximum Number of attempts is four for each student.

  • Topic-wise Online Test Series: There are roughly 60 Topics in the syllabus of NIMCET for Mathematics, Quantitative Aptitude & Logical Reasoning, Computer and English.

Our contents are divided each topic in three levels:

  • Arambh  (Level 1)
  • Prayas    (Level 2)]
  • Safalta (Level 3)

Total 180 Online Tests which can be attempted any number of times after completion of every single Topic.

Some FAQ’S

  • All India NIMCET Mock Test Series:
  • There are a total 30 NIMCET Online Mock Tests along with 10 General Mock Tests which will start from 5th February, 2022. Every week two Mock Tests will be conducted.
  • INPS All India NIMCET Online Mocks are conducted at national level all over India which will give you a clear idea of your performance.
  • Get advanced analysis of your Performance Subject/Topic-wise/Overall among more than 600 Students all over India at a time. 
  • A leaderboard will be shown after the test, containing the ranking of each student who attempted the test. So this way you will get the complete feel of an All India competition.
  • All these features can be accessed through INPS Mobile App or INPS Website after your enrollment.


  • Contact Number: 9838162263/9125777999
  •   E-mail: inpsclasses@gmail.com

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