Tips and Tricks To Solve New Pattern Syllogism Que for NIMCET

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Tips and Tricks To Solve New Pattern Syllogism Que for NIMCET

Tips and Tricks To Solve New Pattern Syllogism

Before understanding the Tips and Tricks To Solve New Pattern Syllogism Que for NIMCET 2021, it is important for you to get a brief idea about the exam and its patterns.

What is NIMCET?

NIMCET or National Institute of Technology Master of Computer Applications, the Common Entry Test is an examination conducted by one of the following participating NITs for admission to their MCA programs. Every year, this entry test offers access to the Computer Application (MCA) master’s programmes. The NIMCET 2021 application process has now begun for 2021.

Students will have to clear the NIMCET exam with a good rank, based on their ranks, and they will hold allotted seats at different NIT campuses. Approximately 25,000 students register for NIMCET each year and approximately 805 seats are offered in 11 NITs across India. The NIMCET 2021 Question Paper will consist of 120 MCQs of 4 marks each. The duration of the test will be 2 hours.

NIMCET 2021 Syllabus

Tips and Tricks To Solve New Pattern Syllogism

The NIMCET syllabus for 2021 has been released by the Raipur NIT(National Institute of Technology). The basic syllabus for every year is the same which includes general English, analytical ability and logical reasoning, mathematics and computer awareness. The subject wise marks distribution is very straight forward. The mathematical portion of the NIMCET Exam contains 50 questions of 200 marks. This is followed by the analytical logical reasoning which contains 40 questions of 160 marks total. The later ones contain general English and computer awareness of 20 and 10 questions of 80 and 40 marks respectively. The details of all of these upu will find in our printed study material.

What is Syllogism?

Tips and Tricks To Solve New Pattern Syllogism

Considering the fact that you are reading this article states that you already know what syllogism is or you are trying to ace this area of value induced argument in logical reasoning. But still, to be specific, syllogism describes the form of reasoning in which the conclusion can be drawn from the prepositions that are given. This includes two premises, a common and a middle term but not necessarily valid to the conclusion.

In simpler terms consider all Birds can fly, an Eagle is a bird therefore an Eagle can fly.

There are specific types of syllogism which need to be prepared if you’re appearing for NIMCET 2021 for MCA entrance test.

For example, consider A is equal to B and B is equal to C, therefore, it enforces that A is equal to B.

How to solve syllogism reasoning easily fast?

From a formal point of view, a conclusion follows NECESSARILY from the premises.

First and foremost have a quick glance at the main rules to solve Syllogism Problems. Go by the options. Each option might contain three sub-statements. First arrive at the conclusion from the first two sub-statements and check whether the same tallies with the given conclusion. If YES, proceed to the second and the third sub-statement to arrive at the second conclusion and if it also tallies with the conclusion given then that is the RIGHT OPTION. You need not check the other options. If NOT then proceed to the next option.

  • All + All = All
  • All + No = No
  • All + Some = No Conclusion
  • Some + All = Some
  • Some + Some = No Conclusion
  • Some + No = Some Not
  • No + No = No Conclusion
  • No + All = Some not reversed
  • No + Some = Some not reversed

Ques. 1


  1. Some tulips are not lily.
  2. Some flowers are roses.


A) Some roses are not lily. All roses are tulips. All tulips are flowers.

B) All tulips are rose. Some lilies are not roses. Some tulips are flower.

C) All rose are lily. No lily is tulip. No tulip is flower.

D) Some rose are lily. No lily is tulip. Some tulip are flower

E) None


From Option A, i) some roses are not lily. All roses are tulips. (First two sub-statements) See the Rule: Some + All = Some => Some tulips are not lily – Conclusion 1. ii) All+All = All => All roses are tulips. All tulips are flowers (last two sub-statements) = All roses are flowers = OR some flower are roses – Conclusion 2.

Statement A is the right answer.

One need not check the other options when one finds the correct option in the Examination Hall.

However let us here check the other options given:

Option B: All + Some = No Conclusion. This option is not valid.

Option C: All + No = No. Conclusion comes that No tulips are lily which is contra to the conclusion 1. This option is not valid.

Option D: Some + No = Some Not. The conclusion from the first two sub-statements arrived is that No rose is tulip and No tulip is rose which is not according to the conclusion given.

Ques. 2


  1. Some batteries are not chargers.
  2. Some mobiles are not Sims.


A) Some chargers are mobiles. No mobile is battery. All batteries are Sims.

B) All chargers are mobile. Some Mobile is battery. All batteries are Sims.

C) No charger is mobile. All mobile is battery. No battery is sim.

D) No charger is mobile. No mobile is battery. All batteries are Sims.

E) None


In Option C i) No+All = some not reversed => No charger is mobile. All mobile is battery. = Some batteries are not chargers – As per Conclusion 1. All+No = No => (as per the 2nd and 3rd sub-statements of Option C = All mobile is battery. No battery is sim. =No mobile is sim, and hence when no mobile is sim; and hence some mobiles are not Sims – as per Conclusion 2.

C Option is the correct Answer.

Just check

Option A:

Some + No = Some Not which comes exactly to conclusion 1 after analysis of the first two statements i.e. some batteries are not chargers. But if we verify the second and the third sub-statements No + All = some not reversed which comes to some Sims are not mobiles but this is quite a reverse to conclusion 2. Hence this option is not right.

Option B:

All + Some = No Conclusion. Hence this option is not right.

Option D:

No + No = No Conclusion. Hence this option is not right.

To practice Syllogism Problems try our online Test

Details of our Live/Interactive Classes


Tips and Tricks To Solve New Pattern Syllogism

There are many syllogisms based tips and tricks which the candidates for NIMCET 2021 one can use in order to qualify with flying colours. There are some basic tips and tricks which can help you accomplish the best in syllogism questions. These are the very places where the candidates make mistakes while giving their examination. In our online live classes and also in video lectures we have specifically mentioned these steps along with many others with the intention to produce the finest students from our classes. Few of certain tips and tricks are mentioned below.

  1. Always have an extra eye to look for words like a few, all, at least, some, etc. The key to solving the syllogism question lies in these words. If you understand what exactly the questionnaire wants to say with the problem, half of the work is already done. Solving the rest of the question is a Cakewalk.
  2. To be on the safe side always proceed with the Venn diagram. This would let you know how the question is proceeding and what is the interaction of the subjects. As you proceed with the Venn diagram the explanation would be much clearer to you and more simplified as well. Our teachers provide the students with special syllogism tricks pdf which you can check out.
  3. One of the biggest mistakes of our human community is we imagine. Please don’t take it literally but do adapt this non-imagining theory while solving the syllogism questions. Imagining or assuming anything or any situation which is not mentioned in the question would lead you to a mistake. 
  4. And the most important trick is to practice. Practicing would make you perfect and so we provide mock tests to the students so that they can practice more and more and give exams like a pro.

Now you know what to study and the tips and tricks, but it is very common to be confused about where to start, how to start and when to start. Also assuming that the candidate is a fresher they might not understand how they can go forward and track their progress. For the candidate to successfully track their progress and prepare well they will need to get a mentor who can clearly understand in what area the student is lagging behind and in which portion they are actually mastering the skill. Taking live classes can help the student prepare in the best possible way. But the question still remains how and where?

Take live classes

Our primary suggestion would always be to take live classes from the mentors who are eligible and qualified to understand the student and their strengths and weaknesses. Our teachers and mentors would walk you through the process in a most efficient way so that you can understand where to start and where to go forward while tracking your progress. Our teachers are aware of the tips and tricks to teach the students so that they can get the utmost guidance for NIMCET 2021.

Get your Subject covered

The first thing you need to do is design your time table according to the syllabus and differentiate between all the subjects which are in the syllabus of your NIMCET 2021. We have a specific section which states all the probable subjects and syllabus which needs to be covered. We also provide preparation guidelines to all the students who are appearing in the exam.

Solve last year question papers

The only way you would be able to see the true mirror of what you are going to face in your exam is by solving the previous year’s question papers. We have a section dedicated to previous years question papers based on their yours and Universities. Solving those questions would have the student get the reality check for their exam. The more you solve previous years question papers the more you are competent enough for the exam.

Always remember that the one person who has said 1 extra question paper will score better marks than the rest of the students.

Take NIMCET mock test

Along with the question papers which are produced the previous year it is important to know that every year thousands of people are appearing in the same exam. To know where you stand in the crowd it is most important to take a mock test. This would help you to catch a glimpse of what you are aiming for. 

Keep track of the notifications

While preparing don’t forget to keep track of the date of registration as well as the admit card release date. You can check out all the latest updates on our website.

 Along with all these you need to understand that the foremost thing required is dedication. If you are dedicated enough to every subject and every portion would eventually be easy for you.

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