February 1, 2023

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2 thoughts on “Recorded Video Lectures for NIMCET 2023/2024/2025 (Complete syllabus)

  1. INPS is undoubtedly one of the best platforms to get your self power packed for NIMCET.
    Nitin sir’s guidance is the key to your success. It was only because of him that I was able to secure an AIR of 164 in merely 4 months of NIMCET preparation. Not only does Nitin sir teach you impeccably, but also he’s a great motivator, listener and pulls up your spirit so that you’re able to fight it out till the last and emerge victorious.
    Pandemic and these unforeseen circumstances have forced us all to stay indoors, and due to the same reason the offline classes aren’t happening. But in this modern realm of technology, you can never be left behind. NIMCET Online Coaching provides you all a great package for your further preparations. You’ll be guided at every step, even if you don’t have much knowledge. I’m sure that ultimately you’ll find yourself perfectly power packed for cracking NIMCET.

  2. Pursing MCA through NIT’s after cracking NIMCET is the dream of many aspirants and thorough preparation is what it takes to achieve it .
    Since offline classes are not possible these days therefore INPS classes has come up with a remarkable platform during this time for the aspirants to continue their preparation by providing them with every possible aspect from e-book study material, assignment to alternative test , weekly test, mock series along with computer and aptitude classes and much more through online mode.
    The Live classes facility is available to aspirants both on the app and website along with doubt clearing sessions by nitin sir.
    Under his excellent guidance and teaching the aspirants from non maths background could also achieve splendid results.
    The aspirants at point of time can analyse their results and get a clear picture of their preparation so far and that too topic wise so as to decide at what points they are required to focus more.
    All information regarding the syllabus, the topics,test and mocks is being provided on the app and website in an elaborative manner which is again very helpful for any future aspirants.
    I would definitely say this would be the best possible manner for anyone to get themselves prepared for NIMCET 2021 under the guidance and teaching of Nitin sir to be able to crack NIMCET successfully .
    All the very best to every aspirant of NIMCET 2021

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