Printed Study Material

Providing the utmost guidance and making sure the students appearing for NIMCET 2023 with our NIMCET Online Classes, is our foremost priority. Putting ourselves in the shoes of the aspirants, we understand how difficult it is to turn every page, to follow every pops of the website just to find out if we have not absorbed any prefix before we sit down the big revelation and the true mirror of our efforts and every dollop of our sweat, the NIMCET 2023 Entrance Exam. It's evident that you already have a lot on your plate, so we would be condemned if we don't take the burden off your shoulders through our MCA Entrance Coaching.

We have developed a complete package of NIMCET study materials to help you stay on track and make you feel 10 pounds lighter in terms of exam pressure. We have strategically planned the whole course of the syllabus including every tad and bits for you to succeed. We provide the complete printed study material along with an online test series which is divided into various levels for your convenience.

Our Printed NIMCET study material covers the MCA Entrance syllabus of Mathematics, Quantitative Aptitude & Logical Reasoning, Computer and English.

The overall content consists of

  • The theory which consists of theoretical concepts and solved examples, related to each topic with crystal clear explanation.
  • Objective Assignment of Complete Topic.
    • First Exercise: Basic Problem Questions.
    • Second Exercise: Tricky Questions (NIMCET format). 
    • Third Exercise:  NIMCET previous year's questions of JEE Mains and Other Competitive Examinations (In NIMCET 12-15 questions from JEE Mains are asked directly, so try to remember every question of the third exercise after solving).
  • DDP(Daily Practice Problems) 20 Questions Assignment Subtopic-wise for an in-depth understanding of the topic.     
  • NIMCET Previous Years Question Bank of Every Single Topic along with their Video Solutions.
  • Memory Map of every topic for a much-procured visualization.
  • Short Notes of everything you read.
  • Summary of every single Topic.
  • Total 4 Offline Tests on Each Topic with detailed solutions.


You need to cover roughly about 60 topics in order to complete the entire NIMCET Syllabus 2023. One thing to consider is that a single topic can be very detailed and may not be entirely the part of the NIMCET syllabus. It is easy for the students to get off track. So the aspirants need to have a hard as well as a soft copy of the notes and syllabus and study material. It not only endeavors in staying focused but to stay motivated as well. These study materials sitting on your desk every morning can be the reason you feel encouraged to sit in that desk and take a leap towards your dreams.


The complete printed study material will arrive at your doorstep with one simple click of a button.