NIMCET Mock Tests

Mock test means a test which exactly is based on the norms of the final assessment you are preparing for. These tests are just practice tests which help you assess where you need to put more effort to score the best in NIMCET. INPS E-learning program for NIMCET helps you score the rank you desire. There are a lot of benefits which you can acquire by giving the INPS MCA entrance mock test and they are:

  • Self-evaluation

              Because mock tests are nothing but replicas of the coming finals, it helps you self-evaluate yourself and make you realize where do you actually stand and how much effort is required for you to reach your goal.

  • Learn new methods

              You can attempt the mock test as many times as you like and every time you solve these tests, you are given an INPS’s MCA answer key and an MCA Video Tutorial on how to solve the questions through tricks in seconds. These things will help you find new ways and methods by which you can solve your problems easily.

  • Time management

              The most important aspect of attending the NIMCET Mock Entrance Test is that you get the track of time. You learn to manage time and how to dedicate time equally to each part and question. If you learn to control time during your finals, you can win the war in no time!


Mock Test Information

  • INPS’s NIMCET Online Classes provides you with an opportunity to attend the MCA mock tests so that you can enjoy all its benefits and take advantage of early preparation in your finals.
  • There are more than of 100+ NIMCET Online Mock Tests along with 50 General Mock Tests.
  • There will be one mock test every week and the number of mocks will increase to two a week from February 2023 and to three a week from April 2023.
  • These tests will be conducted nationally so that the students have an idea of how much more effort is required for them to put in the final preparations.


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