NIMCET Recorded Video Lectures

Theoretical knowledge can be at its best if converted into Video lectures right? If you wish to grab the knowledge in a better way, understanding is very much important. We at INPS make sure that students never face problems when it comes to understanding the subject and gaining knowledge out of what you study. We provide our students with every means for MCA Entrance Preparation which also includes INPS’s NIMCET recorded lectures which can be watched anytime during the day while you are studying. This will help you get a hold of knowledge and understand the NIMCET concepts more clearly.


Know more about these recorded video lectures

  • The MCA online lectures include 650 lectures that cover mathematics, logical reasoning, Quant, Computers, and English. We try our best to cover the entire NIMCET syllabus through these lectures.
  • These video lessons help you prepare not only for NIMCET but for other exams like MHCET, BHU, JNU, BITS, JMI, VIT, etc.
  • The NIMCET Recorded Video Classes are curated with the help of industry experts. We make sure that our students learn from the best people in their field.
  • We make sure to well analyze the past 14 years pattern of the NIMCET exam and then make the recorded video lectures so that our students do not have to wander elsewhere looking for information.
  • We make sure to cover the entire MCA entrance syllabus in the INPS video classes. We have captured the entire syllabus into 15 thousand minutes, which will help our students learn in the best way possible.
  • At the beginning of each topic, we make sure to give a brief introduction and tell the students how much time they will be able to grasp the topic, how much time to invest, and every other detail related to one particular topic.
  • You will also find NIMCET recorded solutions and tricks to apply during the exam. So, make sure you have access to that as well.

Once you are thorough with the video solutions, you can check your progress with the help of the  NIMCET Test Series.


Instructions to follow for MCA Recorded Video Lectures

  • Try to watch the videos with earphones for better sound quality. The videos are advised to be watched on a bigger screen like a laptop or computers rather than mobile phones. It will also help in better concentration.
  • To stay notified with the NIMCET  Exam Updates and last moment NIMCET Short Tricks and tips, you can simply make use of the INPS Mobile App
  • Try to watch every recorded video lecture at least twice. The first time you can grasp everything that is being taught and the second time you can try and take notes, also test your knowledge with topic wise test series.
  • You can download the INPS’s MCA Entrance video lectures and store them on your computer or laptop with a separate folder for the recorded lectures.
  • You can refer to books and INPS’s Highly Researched Study Material if you want to study maths and other subjects but, for English, the recorded video lectures are more than enough for you to understand and grasp the information.

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