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LIVE Interactive Classes for NIMCET-2023


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Daily five Live Classes in the following time slots :

10AM - 12PM

1PM - 3PM

4PM - 5:30PM

6PM - 8PM



  • It is compulsory to attend at least one batch from the above five batches, rest a student can attempt multiple batches too in the same price depending upon his/her availability.


  • Online Tests: Subtopic-wise Online tests will be conducted every day, apart from that there is one offline test which happens every day at 9 AM and the solutions to it are given after one hour of the examination.


  • Weekly Online Test: One weekly online Test of Complete Topic will be conducted.
  • The schedule for live classes is updated weekly and the tests are conducted according to the schedule.


  • Live Class Schedule:
  • Mon-Fri Mathematics
  • Sat-Sun Computer/Quantitative Aptitude & Logical Reasoning/English


Product Details


  • Daily 9 hours live classes
  • Live Class Schedule:
    Mon-Fri – Mathematics
    Sat-Sun - Computer/Quantitative Aptitude & Logical Reasoning/English
  • All the Live Classes can be accessed through INPS Mobile App or INPS Website.
  • Study with live online classes at the convenience of your home
  • Access from anywhere. Get instant doubt clarification during live classes.


Study Material Content :

  • Study Material is available in E-book format which can be downloaded from INPS App or INPS website.
  • Theory related to each Topic with crystal clear explanation.
  • Objective Assignment of Complete Topic.
  • 20 Questions Assignment Subtopic-wise for an in-depth understanding of the topic.
  • NIMCET Previous Years Question Bank of Every Single Topic.
  • Memory Map of Each Topic.
  • Short Notes of Each Topic.
  • Summary of Each Topic.
    • For the Live Classes, every topic is divided into Subtopics so that students can have a clear understanding of each Topic Subtopic-wise.
    • At the end of each Topic, you will be given Video Solutions of NIMCET Previous Years Questions. This will help you get an idea of the types of questions that form part of the exam.
    • Short Trick Videos: Along with Video Lectures of each subtopic under a topic we are providing you Video Lectures of Short Tricks of that Topic at the end from which you can understand how we can solve Objective questions in few seconds during the NIMCET Examination.


Online Test :

  1. Practice Test Series: These tests are conducted Subtopic-wise (Under a Topic).
  2. Topic-wise Online Test Series: There are roughly 60 Topics in the syllabus of NIMCET for Mathematics, Quantitative Aptitude & Logical Reasoning, Computer and English.
  • Arambh (Level 1)
  • Prayas (Level 2)]
  • Safalta (Level 3)


Mock Test :

  • There are more than of 100+ NIMCET Online Mock Tests along with 50 General Mock Tests.
  • There will be one mock test every week and the number of mocks will increase to two a week from February 2023 and to three a week from April 2023.
  • INPS All India NIMCET Online Mocks are conducted at the national level all over India, giving you a clear idea of your performance.
  • Get an advanced analysis of your Performance Subject/Topic-wise/Overall among more than 1000 Students all over India at a time.
  • A leaderboard will be shown after the test, containing the ranking of each student who attempted the test. So this way you will get the complete feel of an All India competition.


Short Trick Videos: Along with Video Lectures of each subtopic under a topic we are providing you Video Lectures of Short Tricks of that Topic at the end from which you can understand how we can solve Objective questions in few seconds during the NIMCET Examination.


Advanced Online Testing Platform: For the students who are enrolled in Our Live Classes, we are Introducing an advanced Online Testing Platform that will give you a detailed analysis of your performance during Online Mock Tests


Types of Analysis after Submission of Online Tests:

  • Overall Analysis
  • Subject-wise Analysis
  • Topic-wise Analysis - Analysis will be based on a comparison with each and every student who appears in the online test.



Contact Number: 9838162263/9125777999


Whatsapp/SMS: Send “INPS LIVE” at 9838162263/9125777999



Fee Structure

  • For fee related details, kindly visit our estore.
  • For payment in instalments, you have to WhatsApp us at 9838162263 
  • You can purchase the program through INPS Mobile App or INPS Website after registration.
  • All the features of this Program can be accessed until 15th June 2023.


Instructions for INPS LIVE Classes Students

  • Use Laptop/Desktop for your Studies instead of Mobile for better Results.
  • Use earphones during Live Classes or to watch Recorded Sessions.
  • Get features of the INPS Mobile app on your PC/Desktop:
    • Go to
    • Click on “NIMCET Online Coaching”.
    • Click “Register Here”. Then use the login credentials of your Mobile App and you will get every feature of the Mobile App Here


How to Maintain proper notes of live classes?

  • Maintain Two Notebooks of at least 500-600 Pages for Classwork.
  • Also, maintain Two Notebooks for Homework (For home assignments).
  • During Live classes do not write anything. Just focus on what is taught.
  • Just after the class watch the video again and make proper Classwork Notes.
  • This Class Video will also be available in the Study Materials Section on the INPS App and Website.


How to Submit the Homework Assignments?

  • Create a New Gmail ID. For example: If your Name is Amit then you can create a Gmail ID as or similar to it for Homework Submission.
  • Mail your Homework Assignment at
  • Creating folders on Desktop/Laptop for better Understanding:
    • Create a folder on your PC named “INPS”. Here you can save every Document related to NIMCET Preparation.
    • For Example: If you download the Study material or Assignment of the Topic- Quadratic Equations. Create a new subfolder under the “INPS” folder named “Quadratic Equations”. In this folder, you can save every document/assignment related to Quadratic Equations.
  • In the same way, you can create sub-folders of each Topic under the “INPS” folder.


Which books to refer to after Live Classes?

  • Mathematics: Objective Mathematics’ (Volume I &II) by R.D. Sharma.
  • Quantitative Aptitude & Logical Reasoning:
    • ‘Quantitative Aptitude’ by Dr.R.S. Aggarwal.
    • ‘A modern approach to Logical Reasoning’ by Dr.R.S. Aggarwal.
  • Computer: Computer Fundamentals’ by P.K. Sinha.
  • English: Objective General English’ by SP Bakshi.

Solve the questions from the book after the completion of each topic. For NIMCET English Recorded Sessions are more than enough. There is no compulsion to purchase the book. If you want you can buy it.


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